About Us

Here at Ocean Air Cooling Systems, Inc., honesty and integrity are the main characteristics that shape our business model. Since 1998, our climate control business has helped residential and commercial clients maintain their heating and cooling units. If you are dealing with extreme heat or cold due to a faulty system, give us a call as soon as possible before more damage is done and avoid more costly repair bills. Remember, a well-maintained system is likely to last much longer and save you money in operating expenses. If you are a business owner, give us a call before temperatures reach extreme levels and you cause more damage to your system.

Preventive Maintenance

A Small Company with Humble Beginnings

Ocean Air Cooling Systems, Inc. prides itself on providing its customers with high-quality, personal service. We are a family run business with lifetime ties to the community and we stand behind our work 100%. What started as a one man operation has grown to accommodate an expanding customer base. We now employ three full-time service technicians. We are a small company and we would like to stay that way. We don't want to take over the HVAC industry in Portland. We want to provide consistent quality to our most loyal customers.